We help unlock Net Promoter Score growth with leading edge Shopper Design

We help unlock Net Promoter Score growth with leading edge Shopper Design

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Global Sports Nutrition Brand

Challenge:  In 2018 Levelfour worked with a global leader in sports & nutrition.  Research indicated the target consumer believed the product did not work and was not good for you, despite strong scientific support.

Solution:  Levelfour conducted an in-depth Claims Workshop with the Team which identified the best Functional Territory concept and supporting Claims.  Over 80 Claims were brainstormed and a short-list of 15 were put into research.

Results:  Claims increased Brand Choice vs. a Key Competitor by +40% vs. existing in-market communications and increased Brand Trust metrics by +58%. The Brand has integrated the winning Claim throughout its Consumer & Shopper touchpoints for the past two years

Durables Retailer’s Private Label

Challenge: A highly popular Retailer had low market development in a strategic Department vs. competition.  Its flagship Private Label Brand had low Trust.

Solution: A short list of Claims was developed in conjunction with the Retailer’s Product and Marketing Teams.  Claims Design elements were incorporated into the research.

Results: The winning Claim increased Brand Choice vs. the #1 Competitor by +46%.  Claims communication is being utilized in Bricks & Mortar and Digital communications.

Niche Cleaning Brand

Challenge:  A niche naturals Brand wanted to strengthen credibility with its #1 Retailer, as well as build conversion and equity with its target consumer.

Solution: R&D research was reviewed.  The existing Tag Line in market plus new Claims were submitted into research.

Results: The existing Tag Line delivered 28% Brand Choice vs. its two key competitors.  The winning Claim’s Brand Choice was 42%, a +50% increase vs. what is currently in market.  Brand assets are being re-tooled to leverage the new Claim.  The #1 Retailer was presented the results and increased support of the business.

Super Premium Consumable

ChallengeA Global Brand had less than 5% of its volume in the highly profitable super-premium segment of its business.

SolutionLevelfour conducted an extensive Claims Research project with North American Brand Stakeholders and submitted all existing Product Claims, as well as a short list of 13 other Claims from the Workshop into Research.

Results: Claims in the area of “Cleaning Efficacy” outperformed all others.  The top three new Claims outperformed what is currently in market by +56%, and increased “Value for the Money” scores by +62% vs. base.

Commoditized Service Industry

Challenge: In 2017, a Brand in a highly competitive and commoditized industry wanted to differentiate beyond traditional media investments.

Solution: The Brand submitted 27 Claims for consideration.  Levelfour leveraged its proprietary Claims database and submitted 5 Claims with Design elements and integration recommendations into the Brand’s communications ecosystem.

Results: A hierarchy of needs was identified with Reliability being the #1 priority for respondents. In addition, the top performing Claim increased Brand Choice vs. key competitors by +28%.